Meet Our Team

1.  Research Coordinators:

Diana G. Anzueto, BS, MSCI – Clinical Research Project Manager

  • Manages various feasibility/study start-up activities to include completion of questionnaires, hosting pre-study meetings, and assigning study coordinator resources. Responsible for ensuring and maintaining the integrity and quality of the research according to specific regulations, sponsor guidelines and institutional policies
  • Provides guidance to research team in developing operational plans supporting selected clinical trials.
  • Registers patient data specified in the study protocols and provides general administrative duties in support of the research studies.
  • Defines and manages project resource needs within specified timelines and budget.
  • Develops, submits, tracks, and reconciles project grants.
  • Maintains research databases; prepares and submits individual study annual progress reports.
  • Provides test result reports, tracks progress and completion of projects, and maintains necessary resources.
  • Provides assistance in data analysis and identifies projects and components needing additional statistical support and consultation.
  • Implements performance management program for assigned team members.
  • Serves as a liaison with designated service providers to ensure successful deployment of protocol requirements.

 Caitlyn A. Winter, BS, MS – Research Associate

  • Plans, designs, and implements research experiments
  • Manages accounts for Principal Investigators
  • Assures compliance with institutional policies and regulations to meet federal, state, and codes pertaining to safety and ethics.
  • Prepares and submits studies for publication
  • Responsible for data entry and quality assurance on research projects
  • Conducts predictive Immune and Airway Monitoring in hospitalized patients with COVID-19
  •  Proficient in machine learning methods (R and Python) for electronic health record data
  • Provides operational and administrative support for research involving large animal studies; 24/7 intensive care staff coverage, equipment maintenance, supplies inventory, and tissue sharing.

Lauryn A. Winter, BS – Research Coordinator-Senior

  • Coordinates complex research projects in a variety of basic science and clinical settings
  • Conducts predictive Immune and Airway Monitoring in hospitalized patients with COVID-19
  • Assists with administrative clinical research projects including pre/post-award activities
  • Prepares and submits regulatory documents to the Institutional Review Board
  • Monitors ongoing activities to ensure compliance with state & federal regulations
  • Maintains research subject files for several studies and enters subject data into the research databases.
  • Responsible for processing and shipment of clinical trial samples and research specimens
  • Proficient in R, Python, STATA, and SPSS.

2. High Risk Dietitians with Neonatal Expertise

Rachel Jacob, RD – Lead Dietitian with expertise in intestinal failure

Krista Bonagurio, RD – Expertise in neonatal cardiac disease

Elizabeth Lavender, RD – Expertise in liver transplant and intestinal disease

Jessica Zokas, RD—Expertise in growth and long term follow up.

The high-risk dietitian program ensures 24/7 clinical coverage to NICU, pediatric cardiac, transplant and GI units.  The role of these highly specialized dietitian group is to not only participate in patient care but to have a significant involvement in scholarly activities such as QI projects, education and research.  Through the high-risk dietitian program, education is provided to students from UTSA dietary program, pediatric residency/fellowship programs and practitioners within San Antonio and outside San Antonio area.  QI projects are identified by the trainees and supported by the dietitian team.  A full research nutritional program led by Dr. Blanco and Dr. Moreira and each high-risk dietitian have 1-2 research projects and support many projects for trainees.  They have multiple presentations at regional and national meetings as well as publications.

3. Research Nurses/Associates

Laurie Weaver RN– Part time research nurse with focus on Vermont Oxford.  Assists with clinical research operation

Umber Darilek RN– Part time research nurse with focus on follow up studies

4.  Additional Resources:

  • A clinical laboratory staffed by 24 hours/day technicians to perform blood gas, glucose, bilirubin, hematocrit, and electrolyte analyses
  • A pharmacy staffed 54 hours/week and equipped with controlled temperature refrigerator and freezer
  • A 250-square foot research laboratory
  • Dedicated equipment for performing and imaging digital radiographs
  • Dedicated maternal/neonatal metabolic unit