Multiple electives in wide-range of activities are offered to foster the development of a broadly experienced nephrologist. Electives typically range from two to four weeks in duration. During the first year one elective and up to two electives are offered during the second year of training.

Interventional Nephrology

During this rotation, fellows will be working with ASDIN accredited faculty with some hand-on experience performing tunnelled dialysis catheter placements/over-the-wire exchanges/removals, angiograms (“fistulograms”) of arteriovenous fistulae (AVF’s) and arteriovenous grafts (AVG’s), percutaneous angioplasty of AVF’s/AVG’s and thrombectomies.

Critical Care

This elective provide unique opportunity to learn novel extracorporeal therapies including ECMO at SAMMC and other aspects of critical care medicine under the supervision of internationally renowned Critical Care faculty at UTHSA.


This one-month elective is offered to interested second-year fellows via collaboration with our University of Texas sister medical school in Houston at the internationally recognized MD Anderson Cancer Center.

Vascular Surgery

Dialysis access and peripheral vascular disease are integral to a successful nephrologist practice. During this rotation, fellows work closely with dedicated vascular surgeons in clinics, operating room and on the inpatient vascular consult service. They will also attend once a week vascular lab where will have opportunity to learn and perform Doppler and sonograms.

Renal Pathology


Pediatric Nephrology