Salary & Benefits

Benefits begin on the first official day of residency/fellowship

House Staff Benefits Guidebook

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Academic Year 2023-2024


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15 working days per academic year. Unused vacation days cannot be carried over to following academic year except under special circumstances as determined by Professional Staff Services.

Sick Leave

10 working days per academic year. Unused sick days can be carried over to following academic year.

Family and Medical Leave

All Residents and Fellows are eligible for up to twelve weeks unpaid leave for birth or adoption of a child or care of a seriously ill family member’s personal serious health condition. (remaining text in this section is okay as is) The FMLA provides leave to care for a new-born child or a child placed in the employee’s home for adoption or foster care; to care for an employee’s parent, spouse, son or daughter with a personal serious health condition; or for a serious personal health condition which prevents the employee from performing his or her job
For more information, see the GME Policy on Family and Medical Leave.



Major Medical Insurance*: shared cost
Major Medical Insurance for Dependents*: shared cost
Group Life Insurance: paid by institution
Dependent Term Life Insurance: participant paid
Dental Insurance: shared cost
Disability Insurance: paid by Institution
Flex Accounts – Hlth & Dep: participant paid
457 Deferred Comp Plan: participant paid
Professional Medical Liability Benefit Plan Handbook

Children’s Health Services

For all Residents and Fellows with children, attached is a flyer with locations for pediatric clinics in San Antonio.
After-hours clinics flyer

Counseling and Psychological Support Services

Employee Assistant Program (EAP)

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