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Hear what some of the previous fellows think about our program

Graduation Year - 2020

  • Ahmad Altarawneh, MD (UT Health Science Center San Antonio)
  • Samin Sharma, MD (UT Health Science Center San Antonio)

Graduation Year - 2019

  • Muazer Ahmed, MD (Internal Medicine/Nephrology in Texarkana, TX)
  • Alaa Awad, MD (UT Health Science Center, San Antonio, TX)
  • Brittaini Bunce, DO (Internal Medicine/Nephrology in Dayton, OH)
  • Basel Channis, MD (Internal Medicine/Nephrology in Arizona)
  • Kai Chin, DO (Internal Medicine/Nephrology in Nevada )
  • Ibrahim Dahbour, MD (Memorial Hermann in Houston, TX )
  • Ricardo Rodriguez-Santos, MD ( North Texas Kidney Disease Associates in Carrollton, TX)

Graduation Year - 2018

  • Muhammad Abdullah (Private Practice in Texas)
    “A decent balance of education, work and life. Yes, it’s possible even in fellowship here at UTHSCSA. Joining fellowship after working as hospitalist for a few years, my biggest concern was whether I will have enough time for children and family, but experience has been nothing but wonderful. I have been able to spend time not only with my family but able to volunteer in the community as well. Most of all, you are treated as colleagues and friends by the faculty.”
  • David Dado (Academic Practice in the Air Force in Texas)
    “Great relationship among fellows.”
  • James Dawson (Academic Practice in Massachusetts)
    “Fellowship has been an overall positive experience.  I have made great friends, learned more than I thought I ever could, and enjoyed being in San Antonio!”
  • Benjamin Huang (Clinical Practice in the Air Force in Florida)
    “Strong clinical education with wide range of pathology. Extremely amicable and approachable staff/professors. Clinical and basic science research opportunities abound.”
  • Manoj Bhattarai (Academic Institute in Texas)
  • Faroug Suliman (Transplant Fellowship in Michigan)
    “Great faculty; the best learning experience and conferences organization which I realize now.”
  • Jeet Gandhi (Private Practice in Texas)
    “Exposure to wide range of pathology, great teaching faculty who are very easy to approach; great co-fellows who are always willing to step in.”

Graduation Year - 2017

  • Ashley Garcia-Everett (UT Health Science Center in San Antonio, TX)
  • Bashir El-Khoury (Clinical practice in the Air Force in California)
  • Hanna Abboud (Private Practice in Arizona)
  • Michael Babigumira (Private Practice in Kansas)

Graduation Year - 2016

  • Karen Dah, MD (Peninsula Nephrology Associates in Maryland)
  • Grant Gallimore, MD (Clinical Practice in the Air Force in Mississippi)
  • Christina Mehanni, MD (Private Practice in Oregon)
  • Tareq Nassar, MD (UT Health Science Center in Texas)
  • Jeffrey Sewell, MD (Private Practice in Texas)
  • Kinza Shamsi, MD (UT Health Science Center in Texas)