Surgical Pathology Fellowship

This one-year program is designed to give the fellow experience working at the junior faculty level. The fellowship is based at University Hospital, with annual surgical pathology volume of approximately 24,000 specimens. Clinical duties include daily review of rush and state cases, frozen section interpretation, organization and presentation of conferences, serving as first-line consultant to resident trainees in surgical pathology, participation in surgical pathology quality improvement activities and review of faculty consult cases. Participation with faculty in scholarly activities is essential. Electives are available in bone and soft tissue pathology, cytopathology, pulmonary pathology, hepatopathology, nephropathology, and neuropathology.

Requirements: Three years of straight AP training, or four years of combined AP/CP training.

Number of positions: Two per academic year.

Recruitment Status:
Academic year 2022-2023: Two positions remaining
Academic year 2023-2024: Two positions remaining

Facilities: University Hospital

Stipends:  Commensurate with level of training,

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Current Surgical Pathology Fellows

Preethi Dileep Menon , M.D.
Residency:  APCP – UT Health San Antonio, 2017-2021
Medical School: Amrita School of Medicine, India
Hometown: Vytilla Kochi, India

1. “Why Pathology”  The challenge involved in unraveling the mysteries of the human body is what attracted me to a career in medicine. As I progressed through my clerkships, the magnificent rewards of Pathology became quickly apparent to me. Pathology struck me as being very cerebral and pathologists are required to have knowledge of virtually every disease process that can affect any organ to diagnose them. This is what drove me to pursue pathology.
2. Why did you choose UT Health San Antonio? UT Health San Antonio was one among my first few interviews and I was quite nervous. However, the residents and faculty were quite easy to talk to and they instantly put me at ease. And that is one of best qualities about our program; the people are collegial, team players and want to do the best they can.
3. What do you like about living in San Antonio? 1.      San Antonio is a friendly city with a rich heritage. Lower housing costs as well as no state income tax, warm weather, outdoor activities, and better traffic than in other larger cities are some of the perks of living in San Antonio. The airport is 10 minutes from the hospital which was important to me since I travel a lot to visit my family and friends.
Preethi Menon, M.D., Co-Chief

 Cindi A. Snowden, M.D.
Medical School: Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center
Hometown: Wichita Falls, TX

1. “Why Pathology”:  If you ask medical students why they chose medicine, their response is usually to help people. Pathology is not typically seen as a patient centered specialty. However, we are responsible for getting to the heart of the matter/diagnosis.  I like that as a pathologist, my diagnosis and information enable clinicians to develop the best plan to take care of the patient.
2.  Why did you choose UT Health San Antonio?: I was very impressed with the collaborative working environment between the faculty, fellows and residents.  Learning and teaching are a high priority.
3.  What do you like about living in San Antonio? San Antonio is home to some close family for me but is also a nice city to live in with a broad variety of things to do and see.
Sarah Hackman, M.D. (Director) Philip Valente, M.D.
Courtney Thomas, D.O. Andrea Gilbert, D.O.
Josefine Heim-Hall, M.D. Alia Nazarullah, M.D.
Olaoluwa Bode-Omoleye, M.D. Yanli Ding, M.D..
Kenneth Hughes, M.D Daniel Grosser, M.D.
Raina Flores, M.D.


Send inquiries to:

Sarah Hackman, M.D.
Assistant Professor
Director of Surgical Pathology Fellowship Program
Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine
UT Health San Antonio
7703 Floyd Curl Drive MC 7750
San Antonio, TX 78229-3900
Voice: (210) 567-4010
Fax: (210) 567-4637


Maria Gomez
Fellowship Program Coordinator
Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine
UT Health San Antonio
7703 Floyd Curl Drive MC 7750
San Antonio, TX 78229
Voice:  210-567-4010
Fax:  210-567-4637