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John Daniels D.O. (Director) Leslie Greebon M.D.
Kelley Hitchman, MS, Ph.D Brad Brimhall, M.D., M.P.H.

The UT Health San Antonio offers a one-year Transfusion Medicine Fellowship that is fully accredited by the ACGME. The fellowship accepts one trainee per academic year with a structured curriculum and dedicated teaching staff. During training, the fellow receives training in immunohematology, histocompatibility, paternity testing, donor center supervision, therapeutic apheresis, transfusion therapy, hemostasis, flow cytometry, and molecular pathology. The training is based upon participation of daily activities, consultations, various elective experiences as well as didactic teaching. The primary teaching site is a tertiary care teaching hospital, University Hospital System (UHS), which is a 716-bed teaching hospital that provides transfusion services to diverse adult and pediatric patient populations:

  • Trauma (Level I trauma center)
  • Solid organ transplant (liver, lung, kidney, pancreas)
  • General surgery and Specialty surgery services
  • Hematology & oncology
  • High risk obstetrical program
  • High risk neonatal program (NICU Level I-IV)
  • General acute care and intensive care units

At UHS, annually, over 18,000 red cell units, 8,000 plasma units and 4,000 platelet doses are transfused. In addition, Transfusion medicine oversees the therapeutic apheresis program, where over 400 therapeutic apheresis procedures and red cell exchanges are performed annually for various diseases. The hospital based donor services collects whole blood and apheresis-based allogeneic blood products from over 5,000 donors annually. A fellowship-affiliated hospital located across the street from the primary site (South Texas Veterans Health Care System) is a national referral center for bone marrow transplantation. Exposure to the operations of a larger scale donor center, donor infectious disease testing and allogeneic tissue is provided at the subsidiaries of BioBridge Global, which is located 5 miles from the primary site. Paternity testing experience is obtained through the DNA reference laboratory located in San Antonio.

Requirements: ACGME accredited residency completion with Board eligibility or certification in clinical pathology, internal medicine, pediatrics or other related fields.

Number of positions: One

Recruitment Status:
Academic year 2022-2023: Filled
Academic year 2023-2024: Filled

Facilities: University Hospital, South Texas Blood and Tissue Center, DNA Reference Laboratory, Inc.

Stipends: Commensurate with level of training

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Information on Living in San Antonio

Current Transfusion Medicine Fellow

Preethi Menon, M.D., Co-Chief

Preethi Dileep Menon , M.D.
Residency:  APCP – UT Health San Antonio, 2017-2021
Medical School: Amrita School of Medicine, India
Hometown: Vytilla Kochi, India

1. “Why Pathology”  The challenge involved in unraveling the mysteries of the human body is what attracted me to a career in medicine. As I progressed through my clerkships, the magnificent rewards of Pathology became quickly apparent to me. Pathology struck me as being very cerebral and pathologists are required to have knowledge of virtually every disease process that can affect any organ to diagnose them. This is what drove me to pursue pathology.
2. Why did you choose UT Health San Antonio? UT Health San Antonio was one among my first few interviews and I was quite nervous. However, the residents and faculty were quite easy to talk to and they instantly put me at ease. And that is one of best qualities about our program; the people are collegial, team players and want to do the best they can.
3. What do you like about living in San Antonio?  San Antonio is a friendly city with a rich heritage. Lower housing costs as well as no state income tax, warm weather, outdoor activities, and better traffic than in other larger cities are some of the perks of living in San Antonio. The airport is 10 minutes from the hospital which was important to me since I travel a lot to visit my family and friends.


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