Pediatric Transport Team

The Pediatric Transport Team is dedicated to providing safe and effective pediatric specific care in the transport setting to ensure that all transport patients are given the earliest and best opportunity for a positive outcome.


Pediatric One Call

  • Our dedicated pediatric call center is available 24 hours a day
  • Pediatric One Call will directly connect you with a pediatric physician to accept your patient transfer and can activate the pediatric transport team – all with one call
  • Consult with a pediatric critical care physician or other specialist

Pediatric Transport Team

  • Dedicated team available 24/7
  • Comprised of registered nurses and registered respiratory nurses with extensive pediatric critical care experience and certified in BLS, PALS, ACLS, NRP, and TNCC
  • Dr. Sabrina Carrillo, Transport Medical Director, is board certified in Pediatric Critical Care Medicine
  • Available for transport of pediatric patients from hospitals, emergency departments, and clinics
  • Modes of transport: ambulance, helicopter, and fixed-wing aircraft
  • Serves as a mobile intensive care unit offering the highest level of care in a timely response
  • Provides care based on established transport protocols and through direct communication with the transport medical control physician
  • Initiates medications, fluids, and treatment that would normally be delayed until after the child has been transferred
  • Specialized equipment to meet the specific and unique needs of pediatric patients


The referring physician will receive an update by phone or fax on the patient’s condition/status within two days of the patient’s transport to University Hospital


  • We believe in family-centered care and will make every effort to incorporate the family in the transport process, to include allowing one parent to accompany their child, safety permitting
  • In the event a parent cannot accompany their child, the parents will receive a phone call from our team updating them on their child’s status once the patient has safely arrived


For more information on pediatric transport or to obtain information on a patient that was transported, please contact the Pediatric Transport Coordinator at 210-358-4540 or