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6/4/2024Implications of Early Hyperglycemia in Extremely Low Birthweight NeonatesNoah C. Bierwirth, MD
5/31/2024Bleeding mortality after pediatric congenital heart surgeryTravis Odom, MD, MBA, MSCR, FAAP
5/17/2024Genetics for the Pediatrician: How to Incorporate New Testing into Clinical PracticeNatasha Shur, MD
5/10/2024Preparing for the Future of PediatricsSandy Chung, MD, FAAP
5/3/2024An Overview and Insight into Metabolic Dysfunction-Associated Steatotic Liver Disease (MASLD)Sirish Kumar Palle, MBBS, MD
4/26/2024Drug-Endangered ChildrenThanh Thanh Dai, MD
4/19/2024Child Neglect: Silent But (Potentially Deadly)Mary Ann Alvarez Griffis, DO
4/12/2024Trauma-informed care in a Practice SettingNancy Kellogg, MD
4/5/2024Bone Health, Fractures, and Updates on Treatments for Bone DisordersNadia Merchant, MD
3/29/2024Genetic Disorders in Your Practice – and How to Try to Avoid Missing ThemCarol L. Greene, MD, FAAP, FACMG
3/22/2024Physician Burnout and Wellbeing: Lessons Learnt and New HorizonsWilliam Border, MD, MPH
3/8/2024Update on Pediatric Liver Diseases & TransplantationNaveen K. Mittal, MD
1/1/2024Extracorporeal Life Support: Envisioning the Next Frontier in Critical CareAndrew D. Meyer, MD, MS & Veronica L. Armijo-Garcia, MD
2/23/2024Chronic Pain in Children with Neurological Impairment: A Multisource FrameworkJulie Hauer, MD, FAAP, FAAHPM
2/16/2024Residents As Elite Athletes? What We Can Be Taught About Resident PerformanceJon Courand, MD, FAAP
2/9/2024PDA stenting in CHDHowaida El-Said, MD, PhD
2/2/2024Updates on Management of Inflammatory Bowel DiseasesKristen Cares, MD
1/26/2024How to Work Through a Clinical Ethics Problem: One Ethicist’s ApproachBrian S. Carter, MD, FAAP
1/19/2024Prescribing Balance: Time-Management Strategies for the New YearDina Tom, MD, MS
1/12/202440 Years in Childhood Tuberculosis: My How Things Have Changed!Jeffrey R. Starke, MD
12/15/2023Improving Care for Sickle Cell Disease through Health PolicyMelissa Frei-Jones, MD, MSCI, FAAP
12/8/2023The Past, Present, and Future of Spinal Muscular AtrophyBrian M. Faux, MD, FAAP
12/1/2023HIV infection in children: Extraordinary Progress and Future DirectionsGeorge K. Siberry, MD, MPH
11/17/2023Cardiometabolic Disease in Youth: What is the role of Maternal Diabetes?Jeanie B. Tryggestad, MD
11/10/2023Alternative Tobacco Products: The Second Front in the War on TobaccoMichael Weitzman, MD
11/3/2023The Arc of History for Child Health: Post – Pandemic PediatricsTina L. Chang, MD, MPH
10/27/2023Monocytes in Health and DiseasesYaddanapudi Ravindranath, MB, BS
10/20/2023Regulation of Gut-Brain Homeostasis by Vitamin B12Mansour Zadeh, PhD
10/13/2023Innovation in Quality Improvement for CLABSI preventionLakshmi Srinivasan, MBBS, MSTR
10/6/2023Pediatric Surgery: The (occasionally not-so) cutting edgeIan Mitchell, MD, FACS, FAAP
9/29/2023Digital Innovations in Neonatal Research: How Emerging Technologies are Changing the LandscapeKhyzer Aziz, MD
9/22/2023Cystic Fibrosis Related DiabetesMaria S. Rayas, MD
9/15/2023Developmental Screening in Primary Care and When to Utilize a Developmental PediatricianMario Fierro, MD
8/18/2023Improving prenatal screening of congenital heart disease in rural, underserved areas with the aid of tele-healthEduardo Macias Enriquez, MD
8/11/2023Genetic Risk Factors and Admixture using Comparative Genomics in Hispanic Children of Different Ancestry with B-cell Acute Lymphoblastic LeukemiaSamuel Pabon-Rivera, MD, FAAP
8/4/2023Neonatal Kidney Function and Acute Kidney InjuryKim H. Piburn, DO
7/28/2023Negotiation, the key to our collective academic successToyosi Onwuemene, MD, MS
7/21/2023Transitions to Adult Care in Patients with Chronic Medical ConditionsAmrit Misra, MD
6/9/2023Impact of Race and Insurance type on in-hospital mortality in children with traumatic injuryDaniela Tenorio, MD
Twiza Mambwe, MD
6/2/2023Futility and Moral Distress in PediatricsCaroline Jones, MD, MA
5/19/2023Bone Tumors: What to Know as a PediatricianCristabel Torres, MD, FAAP
5/5/2023Artificial Intelligence to Predict and Characterize Brochopulmonary DysplaciaAlvaro Moreira, MD, MSc
4/21/2023Engaging the media for advocacy: Tools for effective communication for Pediatric advocacyDavid Hill, MD, FAAP
4/14/2023Safe Opioid Prescribing in PediatricsHema Navaneethan, MD
4/7/2023Red Flags and the Febrile ChildMary Anne Jackson, MD, FAAP, FIDSA, FPIDS
3/31/2023The Vaping Epidemic: Learning to Ask, Counsel and TreatSusan Sirota, MD
3/24/2023Infant body composition as primary outcome of clinical studiesAriel A. Salas, MD, MSPH
3/10/2023Mentorship, Sponsorship, Coaching and Connectors in Academic PediatricsTyler K. Smith, MD, MPH, FAAP
3/3/2023Pediatric Surgery for the Pediatrician: Bumps, Lumps, and Other ThingsKatie Wiggins-Dohlvik, MD
2/24/2023Head ShapesIzabela Tarasiewicz, MD, FRCS(C)
2/17/2023Applications of Artificial Intelligence in Retinopathy of PrematurityJ. Peter Campbell, MD, MPH
RV Paul Chan, MD, MSc, MBA, FACS
2/10/2023Self-Discovery and Leadership in Academic MedicineRhonda BeLue, PhD
2/3/2023Blueprint for Youth Suicide Prevention: The Role of the PediatricianHilda Loria, MD, MPH, FAAP
1/27/2023Lifestyle as Medicine: Systems Consideration in the Pediatric Practice SettingAjeya Joshi, MD
1/20/2023Anti-vaccine Rhetoric and the Threat to Routine Childhood immunizationsLindy McGee, MD,
Rekha Lakshmanan, MHA,
Jason Sabo
1/13/2023Hyperbilirubinemia: Review of the AAP’s 2022 GuidelineBrandon Hadfield, MD
1/6/2023Pediatric Stroke: 6 cases - 6 Interesting InsightsLalitha Sivaswamy, MD
12/16/2022You Give Me Fever: Autoinflammatory Syndromes and Fever Unknown OriginMiriah Gillispie-Taylor, MD FAAP
12/09/2022Pediatric Pulmonary Hypertension – Where Are We Now?Ryan Coleman, MD
12/2/2022The Neglected Right HeartSushma Reddy, MD
11/18/2022Infant Formula UpdateSteven Abrams, MD
11/11/2022Physiologic Impact of Transcatheter Cardiac InterventionsGurumurthy Hiremath, MD, FACC, FSCAI, FPICS
11/04/2022Making the Chromosome 18 Conditions TreatableJanine D. Cody, PhD, Donna Lehman, PhD, Noboru Hiroi, PhD
10/28/2022Neonatal Global HealthNitin Chouthai, MD
10/21/2022Complex Vascular Anomalies: A Look at Our Inpatient CasesAutumn Atkinson, MD, FAAP
10/14/2022Reference Ranges and Health Inequality in HematologyAngela Weyand, MD
10/7/2022Making Sense of Movement: Detecting Cerebral Palsy in the First YearLeslie-Anne Dietrich, MD, IBCLC
9/30/2022Feeling Addicted to your phone? Discover the Magic of Life-Technology BalanceNidhi Gupta, MD
9/23/2022Lymphatic Imaging and Interventions in Single Ventricle PatientsSuren V. Reddy, MD, FPICS, FSCAI
9/16/2022Damage Control Resuscitation in Children (This presentation will be VIRTUAL ONLY )Col Matthew A Borgman, MD, FCCM
9/9/2022More at the Bedside (This presentation will be VIRTUAL ONLY )Shashi Sahai, MD, MRCP, FAAP &
Allison L. Ball, MD
9/1/2022A Bionic Endocrine Pancreas for Automated Management of Glycemia in Diabetes MellitusRabab Z. Jafri, MD